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Onboarding HR Software Streamlines HR Processes

onboarding hr software

If your new hires are having difficulty with the employee onboarding process, onboarding HR software could provide the solution they need to easily navigate it. Onboarding HR software provides automated checklists, electronic signatures on paperwork and access to team profiles and training materials – everything your new hire might require!

GoCo Talent Management System offers an all-in-one talent management system with modern onboarding portal, performance evaluation features, and compliance tools such as E-Verify verification service integration payroll integration time tracking services starting at $8/month for small businesses.

1. Automated workflows

Human Resources departments (HR) must optimize a variety of processes that require human effort, but can sometimes result in errors and delays that negatively affect employee satisfaction. By automating HR department processes with software solutions such as HR automation software you can reduce workload while increasing employee happiness and satisfaction levels.

With iSpring Learn, new hires can receive digital forms and documents automatically while managers can easily track employee progress towards completion of mandatory compliance training on schedule – this minimizes stress of onboarding while ensuring your new employees will be up-to-speed by their first day.

Automation helps HR teams avoid redundant administrative tasks and allocate more of their time on employee outreach and onboarding new hires. Automation makes a tremendous impactful difference to HR’s bottom line; employees can easily contact their HR team with inquiries or use friendly chatbots like Slack or MS Teams chatbots for answers, which allows for engagement from day one and can lead to improved retention rates.

2. Electronic signatures

HR departments frequently face the daunting task of processing heaps of paperwork for new hires to sign, such as contracts and forms to sign, background checks, drug test results and direct deposit information. An electronic signature software solution can streamline this process for both parties involved.

HR professionals no longer need to print, scan and sign paperwork manually – HR software now makes this process more efficient by sending documents via email for electronic signature. In fact, HR software may even automatically fill forms with data collected about candidates in real-time. This saves HR time spent manually entering information.

Hibob and Oracle are among the best e-signature HR software solutions, enabling HR teams to easily create automated onboarding flows and pre-onboard candidates. Hibob offers pricing based on team member count; while Oracle provides access to an entire suite of cloud applications for all areas of business. GetAccept provides an integrated e-signature solution which can integrate with recruitment systems; prices begin at $15 monthly with this solution. Electronic signature solutions must adhere to state and federal laws since they deal with sensitive personal information.

3. Document management

Organization of employee records and forms in one centralized location allows HR teams to spend less time searching through disorganized shared drives and focus on more important tasks. HR teams face an abundance of paperwork when onboarding new hires, including contracts, employment verification documents, e-signatures, direct deposit information forms, emergency contact forms, workplace policy acknowledgment forms and emergency contact forms. Document management solutions enable HR to create packets of these documents for new employees online so they can complete them from home before arriving at the office – while alerting HR to any missing pieces if necessary! Finally, document management solutions allow HR teams to keep an overview of everything related to new employee onboarding; including contracts, employment verification documents as well as tracking any missing pieces to completeness – saving HR teams time on searching shared drives.

Document management tools as part of an all-in-one HR software solution make sense for most organizations, since this saves both money and hassle in purchasing multiple tools that don’t integrate well. Furthermore, having these features integrated within one solution also gives employees a more modern digital experience similar to what they’re used to at home. Check out GoCo as a fantastic all-in-one platform with automated workflows and document management features; book a demo today to experience this software first-hand!

4. Customization

An effective employee onboarding process is vital to the success of any business. A structured onboarding procedure saves your HR department time on tasks that could be automated, while creating an easy transition for new hires. Utilizing an onboarding tool may reduce paperwork and manual data entry requirements as well.

Discover a software solution that offers document management, automatic workflows, electronic signature capabilities, an employee portal and training modules. The ideal solutions also allow you to design an onboarding flow tailored specifically for your company needs – this could include providing an employee portal with FAQs and organizational charts as well as onboarding guide information – plus communicating with onboarding liaisons so as to set goals, schedule meetings and assign tasks.

Coassemble is an intuitive onboarding solution with an easy drag-and-drop builder, custom templates, and robust feature set that enables users to build onboarding flows tailored to your organization’s specific needs – it even comes with a free trial period! Meanwhile, BambooHR provides an all-in-one HR suite featuring employee onboarding tools like IT checklists and pre-boarding packages, an intuitive task manager and intelligent reporting features – along with free trials.

5. Integrations

An effective HR onboarding software should integrate seamlessly with the rest of your technology ecosystem, giving new hires an easier transition into using tools and systems they will be exposed to during onboarding. For example, when an employee submits a time off request via their onboarding portal, their HR team can use an inbuilt link in payroll to check their holiday allowance, saving HR professionals from manually inputting data and decreasing errors.

HR onboarding software streamlines the collection and verification of documents such as background checks, I-9s, and new hire paperwork – helping HR professionals and employees save time, save money, avoid mistakes and increase productivity.

Enboarder provides a paperless onboarding solution with its user-friendly interface making the experience straightforward for both new hires and managers alike. Coassemble provides an engaging learning platform combined with strong onboarding tools; pre-designed templates and content provide for an immersive, engaging and interactive journey experience.

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