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Online HR Software For Small Business

online hr software for small business

There are various HR software for small businesses available online that provide full-service payroll, essential HR tools, employee self-service features and employee self-service portals – these include ADP, BambooHR, Paychex, Rippling, Gusto and OnPay to name just a few.

Gusto provides an integrated suite of HR tools, with an employee portal that is intuitive for use by employees and mobile workforces alike. In addition, their e-signature solution makes an excellent way for remote workers to securely sign contracts online.


Your company, whether small or large, can benefit from HR software. Such tools automate and streamline payroll processing, manage employee records, onboard new hires, run background checks and provide other benefits – in addition to helping ensure compliance with state, federal, and local HR compliance laws. Many such subscription services allow flexible payment arrangements so you only pay for what you require.

Cost of online HR software varies, but when making your decision you should keep in mind how much time and money your team is currently expending on administrative tasks that this tool could do instead. Saving both in time and money, the tool may pay for itself quickly. You should also factor in additional implementation expenses like data migration and training as costs of this kind could arise during implementation.

Most HR software vendors offer various pricing models for HR software solutions, from one-time paid licenses to software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions – which tend to be more cost-effective due to eliminating the repurchase cycle and enabling system updates at any time – typically charging either a base monthly fee or per-user per month subscription, which can increase as your business does. Some vendors charge extra for access to advanced functionality or software modules like applicant tracking systems, payroll processing tools or employee self-service portals.


Small businesses need software that integrates with multiple tools in order to streamline workflows and reduce manual tasks, including payroll systems, performance management tools and applicant tracking systems (ATSs). Furthermore, the best online HR software for small businesses provides a single source of truth for employee data while automating processes – this saves HR leaders the hassle of switching systems, manually entering information or manually filling spreadsheets manually.

Paycor provides an all-in-one HCM solution that integrates payroll management, HR tools and compliance support services for employees to access their data via an employee self-service portal. More expensive plans also include tax filing and onboarding services; alternative solutions include Gusto and SurePayroll which also integrate payroll and HR solutions.

BambooHR offers an all-in-one HR software solution, featuring applicant tracking system, people analytics and several standard HR tools. Its self-service portal makes employee updates quick and simple while the system creates custom reports based on specific criteria. BambooHR’s customer service can be reached via phone call, email correspondence, FAQs or their knowledge base – providing convenient customer service support 24/7/365.

With its automated processes and user-friendly interface, Workforce Time Tracker makes it easier for businesses to manage their workforces more effectively and increase productivity. With comprehensive reporting tools that support compliance needs for team members and the ability to track employees’ time quickly and easily.

Ease of Use

No matter your HR software needs – from employee records management to managing performance – there are plenty of choices out there to meet them all. When identifying the ideal HR solution, take your own needs and budget into consideration as well as whether the software integrates smoothly into existing systems without disrupting daily operations.

Tracking employee time, work performance, and attendance is essential to maintaining an efficient business operation, especially for businesses that employ mobile workforces that work remotely or outside traditional office hours. With the proper software installed on remote workers’ machines, they’ll stay on top of projects and deadlines with ease.

BambooHR and DeskTime are among the top tools used by small businesses, enabling payroll management and tracking employee timesheets. In addition, these tools provide applicant tracking systems and new hire onboarding as well as customized templates and tasks for managers to utilize.

Other tools that can assist in streamlining business processes include iSolved and Homebase. Both programs feature robust scheduling and leave management capabilities, along with other time and cost saving tools designed specifically to assist a mobile workforce and compatible with most common browsers and devices.


Investment in HR software can increase productivity for your business. It helps reduce time wasted searching for documents and managers to sign them, searching through files and searching the database. Furthermore, its comprehensive nature enables instantaneous access by employees as they submit and access documents in one central place. However, implementation can prove challenging and may take careful planning in accordance with both needs and budget of each business involved.

If you are selecting a small business HR software, security should be one of your top considerations. Select a solution which provides secure data storage and encryption; make sure your vendor possesses SOC II certification as well as using TLS/AES-256 bit encryption to safeguard your data; additionally it’s vital that they implement an effective password policy and has strong authentication standards in place.

Your HR software solution must meet the unique requirements of your business and should include employee self-portals, interview scheduling tools and performance evaluation features. In addition to being affordable and user friendly, ensure it integrates with payroll processor. Lastly, take note of customer support services offered as well as technical support by provider.

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