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Open Source HR and Payroll Software

open source hr and payroll software

Open Baraza was developed specifically to meet the needs of businesses with both full-time salaried employees and freelance workers, including both gig workers and virtual workers. It provides all essential functions, such as records management, talent management suite, time tracking functionality and more.

Prior to purchasing software, evaluate its ease of use. Look for user-friendly features like regular updates and training opportunities.

1. SimpleHRM

SimpleHRM is an intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective open source HR software solution for SMEs worldwide. The platform offers features such as employee information management, leave and travel scheduling, benefits administration and expense control.

An effective employee information system is essential to the smooth running of any business. Employees should have easy access to all the documents and policies that they need for work purposes; as well as secure yet intuitive user interface.

Applicant tracking systems (ATSs) are an essential element of any effective HR software solution, helping HR managers streamline the recruitment process from end to end and quickly fill job openings faster. BrightMove, Kissflow HR Cloud, Workable and Zenefits are just a few examples of ATS SaaS platforms offering enterprise-grade features for SMBs.

Mobile functionality is becoming an essential requirement of modern work environments, so mobile HRM software with an employee-friendly user interface should be sought out. Employees should be able to access it from both desktops and smartphones. It should also integrate with work tools like email services, digital calendars, and collaboration platforms in order to reduce manual data transfer while increasing productivity.

2. Jorani

Jorani is a free open source HR management software solution tailored to small and midsized organizations. Employees can manage time and attendance, track project progress and generate payroll using this scalable HR solution that features recruiting modules, training modules, employee performance monitoring tools and payroll processing as well as integrations with other business applications.

PHP/MySQL under an AGPL v3 license offers simple leave and overtime request workflows for small organizations, with features including leave balance reports (filtered by department), overtime request approval workflow (1 validator), calendar of leaves with export to Excel in a click, user organization tree structure to attach employees to entities, define supervisor per entity as well as nonworking days such as weekends and day offs being defined in contracts to calculate duration of leaves automatically; among many more features.

Jorani is an all-inclusive leave and overtime management system designed for small businesses, offering all of the essential functionality. Easy to use, Jorani integrates easily with other business applications while remaining secure and safe when managing employee data.

3. Zoho

Zoho provides a suite of business applications designed to enable operational integration and automation, with a comprehensive ecosystem comprised of both its proprietary offerings as well as those from third parties. Furthermore, their solutions facilitate cross-functional collaboration while eliminating siloed departments and encouraging teamwork.

Zoho stands out with an affordable pricing structure and strong focus on product development, offering businesses efficient operations at rapid growth rates. Their products offer advanced functionality across a range of attributes such as CRM, recruitment, telephony, social media management, email marketing and financials – plus affordable solutions from affordable pricing structures!

Zoho Platform is easy-to-use and provides all the tools needed for running your business in one convenient place. Zoho Cares online portal features resources, documentation, FAQs, videos tutorials webinars tips for all their products.

With the Enterprise plan, you can customize your software to meet the unique requirements of your business. In addition to access to Zia (an AI sales assistant) and CommandCenter – a visual dashboard which helps track metrics – this plan gives more room for customization than its free equivalent by enabling custom fields and workflow rules to be added or configured.

4. Odoo

Odoo is an open source business software solution with a broad selection of fully integrated applications to suit businesses of any size. Thousands of developers and industry specialists collaborated together on this robust suite of tools that can be implemented easily to fit into any user profile or budget.

Odoo offers a comprehensive suite of human resources management tools suitable for both small and large enterprises. It enables job advertisements, interviews, selection and tracking employee contracts, time sheets and vacation requests as well as providing staff members with tools for tracking employee expenses.

Odoo can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise and comes in both free community version and enterprise edition with subscription pricing options. Both editions include knowledge bases, helpdesks and user forums to address any inquiries or issues raised. In addition, Odoo supports multilingual websites and online ecommerce shops; its capabilities extend further still to support complex manufacturing, distribution, EDI and HR processes; it’s ease-of-use and affordability make Odoo an appealing solution for companies seeking to streamline operations.

5. WebHR

WebHR is an all-in-one cloud-based HR software solution, capable of handling the HR department functions of recruitment, employee management, payroll and performance evaluation in one package. WebHR helps companies to increase productivity while saving time while efficiently overseeing their most valuable resource – the workforce.

Users who reviewed WebHR were highly complimentary about its functionality and usability, noting its comprehensive set of tools and features that made payroll, HR and recruitment simpler. In particular, many users appreciated its ability to streamline processes while freeing up HR staff for more important work.

WebHR features key employee services and applications, including employee self-service and mobile apps that give employees access to information anytime and anywhere. In addition, its time clock kiosk provides accurate attendance data that makes monitoring employee movements simpler. Furthermore, its employee self-service and selection of benefit plans allows workers to choose their preferences while the system also enables e-signing offer letters after reviewing company policies and terms of service agreements.

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