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Open Source HR Software

open source hr software

Open source HR software offers flexibility, customization, cost effectiveness and a customizable user experience. Furthermore, its source code can be made accessible and developed by an international community of developers.

Selecting and implementing an open source HR solution takes careful planning and implementation, in addition to ongoing monitoring, updates, training and community involvement.


Jorani is a free open source human resources software designed to enhance the workflow of any organization. This tool lets you manage leave requests and visualize workforce structures through dynamic organizational charts, as well as offering reports and calendars to keep an eye on leave and overtime balances for employees. Furthermore, its website features a step-by-step tutorial on how to install and use it effectively.

Jorani is an easy, user-friendly HR management solution designed for organizations of any size or budget. Installed on servers supporting PHP 5.3 or later and MySQL or MariaDB databases, it can also be customized using configuration files to fit each organization’s specific needs.

Jorani can accommodate complex organizational structures including countries, branches, subsidiaries, departments and teams, allowing users to filter reports and calendars by entity. Furthermore, it displays leave balance information of individual employees or all employees in an entire department at once and allows exporting it all directly into Excel format with one click – while its powerful search function helps users quickly find information they require.


Sentrifugo HRMS offers an impressive set of capabilities that makes it an excellent option for businesses searching for HRIS software solutions. Starting from $0 per month and with 14 features that can be tailored specifically to individual needs, Sentrifugo can automate onboarding processes – saving a company up to $15,000 annually in time savings alone!

Selecting the ideal open source software for your business requires careful evaluation of available options. Consider features that meet specific business needs such as employee onboarding, performance management and reporting/analytics capabilities. Furthermore, take note of its ease of use to ensure employees can navigate it seamlessly.

Scalability should also be on your checklist; software that is easily adaptable should allow your business to expand with it and adapt easily as new requirements emerge. Furthermore, seamless integration should exist with other business software such as payroll and accounting systems.

Sentrifugo also features a streamlined process for handling disciplinary incidents. Users can record an incident against an employee and request they submit statements and misdemeanor evidence, enabling the employer to decide whether or not sanctions should be imposed against defaulters. This feature can save both time and money by eliminating one-on-one meetings with HR representatives.


Odoo is a free open source human resource management software offering businesses various tools to streamline their processes. These include records management, time and attendance tracking, employee self-service applications and recruitment among many others. Odoo also provides employees with various online learning applications.

Easy and adaptable to different workflows, it is also scalable enough to grow with your business as new users join without issues and has an intuitive user-friendly interface which gives access to all data without relying on complex databases.

This free open source HR software provides small and mid-sized businesses with a powerful tool for effectively managing human resources, employee performance and employee communications. It helps streamline administrative tasks while improving communication channels and increasing employee productivity. Among its many features are an interactive dashboard enabling managers to view key metrics and detect trends; there’s also an in-built reporting tool which analyzes data and pinpoints areas for improvement.

This application’s comprehensive project management module can assist organizations in efficiently and effectively overseeing projects. Managers can track project status with an easily understood Gantt chart that allows them to identify delays and bottlenecks during execution of the task at hand. Furthermore, customer management services provided include an opportunity for customers to create quotations online, have them digitally signed, and receive confirmation of orders placed.

Gusto HR

Gusto HR is one of the most favored payroll and human resource software solutions for small businesses. This cloud-based platform features an intuitive interface and many features – including employee self-service that enables staff members to access their own personal data and pay stubs online – helping create an environment of trust and transparency while freeing up HR staff time to focus on more crucial, high-level tasks.

Gusto offers an impressive set of HR tools, such as employee time tracking, an applicant tracking system, performance review tools and health insurance brokers that can assist with finding suitable plans. While Gusto does not feature its own recruiting feature directly, this is typically not an issue for businesses that primarily hire through traditional means like job fairs or college recruiters.

Gusto provides unique features not typically found in standalone HR systems, including unlimited off-cycle payments and customizable payroll schedules. This flexibility enables you to quickly correct any errors rather than waiting until the next payroll cycle, plus provide bonus payments or reimbursements more conveniently than with traditional systems. In addition, this system supports different pay rates for various types of work – making it suitable for companies with complex remuneration structures.

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