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Oracle India HR Policies

oracle india hr policies

Oracle India is an IT giant renowned for recruiting techies from all across India. This vibrant workplace features generous salary packages.

This company also provides career resources designed to assist employees in researching their professional goals and finding mentors, and an HR Helpdesk which assists organizations improve service delivery while increasing employee satisfaction.

Employee Self-Service

As organizations seek ways to utilize technology for both their HR and business goals, the trend toward employee self-service in HR should increase significantly. Benefits of HR self-service can include cost savings, increased productivity and improved employee satisfaction – so HR leaders must remain flexible and agile to effectively navigate this trend.

Establishing an employee self-service portal can save HR departments both time and resources in dealing with routine administrative tasks like answering payroll-related inquiries or processing time off requests. Furthermore, such features enable employees to track essential information like training schedules or travel arrangements – not forgetting reviewing work history to pinpoint gaps in skills.

Self-service portals also save time by eliminating the need for HR to manually update records, helping reduce error rates and liability issues related to inaccurate information. They can also provide access to training documents and HR policies on an accessible cloud-based database – especially beneficial when dealing with remote employees who require accessing documents and policies from anywhere at any time.

Training employees on how to use the system effectively is vital for making sure they maximize its use and any bugs can be addressed quickly. Managers can play an instrumental role in making sure employees feel at ease using it.

Performance Management

Oracle HCM solutions provide enterprises worldwide with a centralized platform for managing operations and processes across multiple locations. Their cloud HCM solutions help organizations increase agility and interoperability while giving employees remote access to HR records and workforce analytics for business decision making – benefits which make Oracle HCM an attractive option.

Oracle HCM allows employees to record absence information either directly or by delegating this responsibility to their supervisors. Supervisors can view an employee’s projected or actual absence dates and times, accrued leave details in the Accruals window, and any special calculations within Absence Detail window if desired. Normally the duration of absences are calculated automatically based on schedule events in their primary assignment; if desired a different calculation method can be selected here.

Oracle India boasts an exceptional work culture and environment for techies. According to an online job rating website JobBuzz survey, 87% of employees were happy with their working conditions; especially true for the IT department which received the highest number of positive reviews. Furthermore, Oracle India offered among the industry’s best compensation and benefits packages with competitive pay and benefits such as stock options and medical insurance as well as free food, beverages, ping pong tables, and quiet rooms as perks for its employees.


Hiring is a critical component of ensuring a business has access to talent suitable for its business needs. Companies have various programs in place designed to help new hires find success and develop, including training, mentorship and work from home options. New employees may ask questions during this process and receive feedback from members of their team.

Oracle India provides employees with an attractive benefits package that includes health, dental and vision coverage as well as flexible working hours and free gym membership. Furthermore, employees receive an attractive salary package along with additional perks like free meals and parking spaces.

As a global technology leader, Oracle is dedicated to helping its customers innovate, achieve sustainable growth and become resilient. Their innovative cloud applications empower organizations to be more adaptable and responsive in responding to changes in their environment.

Oracle India employees are passionate about creating cutting-edge technologies that improve the world. From business transformation, government defense and medical research advancement, to supporting global education efforts – using their talents and making an impactful difference around the globe – Oracle employs global teams which embrace diversity while encouraging personal and professional development as part of continuous improvement goals.


Employees need time off work for many reasons – be it maternity leave, vacation or personal issues. In order to simplify reporting and analysis of absence data for an organization, Oracle HRMS’ PTO accrual plan function offers an easy solution: you can define types of absence your organization recognizes into categories with reasons assigned per absence type; record proposed or actual absences as well as see their effect on balances.

Create an accrual plan using a payroll balance to store gross accruals, to improve performance by enabling you to calculate accruals during each payroll run with one process. Each time payroll runs, the system retrieves its latest balance and calls an accrual formula in order to calculate accruals since your last paycheck period.

Before creating an accrual plan, an absence element must first be created and linked to it. You can either select from existing balance dimensions or customize your own, with predefined dimensions that reset annually on 1 January or June as well as ones that update whenever an employee’s hire date anniversary occurs (only available in UK). Furthermore, continuous calculation triggers can also be set that run whenever the payroll run changes an absence element.

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