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Rippling HR Software Review

rippling hr software

Rippling’s employee management platform starts at $8 per employee per month and includes full service payroll processing, applicant tracking, flex benefits administration and Affordable Care Act/COBRA administration services. Furthermore, users may add IT services like device management or app integration at an additional cost.

The system connects to more than 500 third-party applications, enabling administrators to quickly provision apps for new hires while deprovisioning them when offboarding employees.


Rippling provides user-friendly tools to streamline HR processes. These include the ability to assign employees to specific jobs and locations, as well as a time tracking system which syncs automatically with payroll – providing managers with tools they need to monitor employee performance, reduce labor costs, and boost productivity.

Rippling offers businesses a comprehensive library of custom workflows and reports designed to streamline and automate various tasks, as well as integrate with other applications to create an even more efficient work environment. Users can add new hires quickly into Slack, issue corporate cards through Brex and set employee expense limits with Expensify for example; furthermore the support team is always there with live chat feature for fast resolution of questions or problems.

The platform also offers IT management services that make remote worker management simple, such as managing their computers and apps. Furthermore, its comprehensive reporting features enable companies to monitor employee turnover as well as app usage statistics.

Rippling is designed for small and midsized businesses and integrates with over 500 third-party applications, including full customization capabilities that can be implemented quickly compared to its competitors. Rippling’s base service includes workforce management platform functionality but it can be expanded with other modules such as onboarding/offboarding/benefit administration/payroll processing.


Rippling HR software is an excellent choice for small businesses looking to streamline their human resources and IT management processes. Offering several features designed to save both time and money, this company provides an integrated system offering full employee data management tools such as payroll processing, benefits administration, talent development tools and talent acquisition platforms. Scalable software allowing businesses to add employees quickly – in as little as 90 seconds; including workflow approval automation for full payroll processing as well as local taxes/labor laws compliance as well as attendance tracking/tracking HSAs/FSAs/TSAs etc.

This software can efficiently handle complex issues related to overtime regulations, state/country-specific employment laws, multiple wage rates, automatic notifications of overtime being reached and easy ways of complying with law; even reminding users when PTO days need taking. With IT management capabilities allowing them to monitor employee computers from assigning laptops for new hires to terminating or retiring workers.

Rippling may boast many features, yet customers have reported that its prices can be more costly than comparable HR systems. There is no free trial available; users must contact an account representative for an estimate based on business size and desired features. Pricing with Rippling depends upon both these variables.


Rippling offers numerous integrations that can simplify HR-related processes. The platform’s intuitive dashboard enables both you and your employees to easily create, assign, manage and track tasks; automated workflows can even speed up processes while decreasing errors. Rippling integrates with over 500 third-party apps – including communication solutions and learning management tools – providing users with convenient remote management of their business from anywhere. In addition, Rippling also features a robust mobile app for convenient management from any location.

Starting your hiring journey with Rippling is an easy and seamless experience. Import candidate information from your applicant tracking system or background check service or manually enter them directly into the system. After adding candidates, complete hiring documentation such as offer letters and custom forms before scheduling a welcome call with them to answer any queries they might have.

If you need assistance, Rippling offers its help desk free via email or phone for all its employees to access. Should you wish for one-on-one HR support with one of its specialists, however, an extra charge will apply. Furthermore, PEO services from Rippling may also be used at your discretion; you can cancel this service at any time; also integrated are IT platforms which enable assigning devices and apps directly to employees.


Rippling is a user-friendly HR software solution designed to allow administrators to track and automate employee lifecycle processes, from recruitment to time tracking, payroll administration and IT oversight. Furthermore, it offers tools for hiring, time tracking, payroll administration and IT monitoring as well as device and app management of employees. Furthermore, Rippling connects to over 500 third-party apps allowing automated provision of new users with accounts.

Rippling’s automated workflows enable you to complete most tasks within minutes of setting up its software, including sending offer letters and completing new-hire paperwork. Furthermore, Rippling helps create custom reports, sync third-party apps, and feed information directly into payroll for streamlined processing of employee paychecks – thus cutting manual processes while eliminating error potential.

Rippling’s home dashboard view assists administrators by providing a to-do list that includes high-level deadlines and approval requests, milestones or events such as employee turnover or app use. In addition, Rippling provides knowledge bases with answers to frequently asked questions; offering live chat support. Customers seeking one-on-one support can purchase Rippling’s HR Help Desk which comes at an extra monthly cost.

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