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Sage Abra HR Software – Empower HR Departments to Actively Support Company Objectives

abra hr software

Effectively manage HR challenges with tools to closely track employee records, compliance reports and payroll processing. You’ll save both time and money while giving HR departments more autonomy in supporting company goals.

Abra opens into an intuitive main interface that provides general system guidance in the work area and expandable menus for actions, analyses, reports and system utilities.


Sage Abra HR transforms your human resources department from an administrative service into a strategic asset for company objectives. This flexible, scalable solution meets all employee management requirements – including self-service employee access and comprehensive benefits administration as well as compliance reporting and time off tracking capabilities – for maximum employee productivity and company goals support. Built specifically by human resource professionals.

The intuitive user interface is designed for ease of navigation and daily tasks in mind, providing quick access to any needed pages or tabs and providing clear organization of information for quicker retrieval. Plus, creating new ones to meet individual requirements is effortless!

Organization Charts allow you to visualize different views of your employees – including names, job titles, departments and locations. With Abra’s Training Management feature you can identify specific training needs for specific employee training requirements while producing compliance reports and renewing certifications on time – even updating employee “Skills Profiles” when taking new courses or changing positions!

Abra’s unique integration capabilities allow it to seamlessly synchronize with accounting solutions like NetSuite(r), Intacct(r), Xero(tm) and QuickBooks(tm) Online ensure maximum efficiency, supporting unlimited standard and custom deductions such as garnishments, health insurance premiums, retirement and third-party payments. In addition, its timesheet and expense entry process is managed with management approvals while for those needing on-demand checks (for expenses or reimbursements), Abra can run payroll directly for that individual check without running the entire batch batch.


Human resource departments must perform more than simply payroll processing; they are also charged with handling hiring and recruiting processes as well as offering employee self service features. Sage Abra HRMS contains various tools designed to meet these needs of human resources departments and payroll personnel.

Sage Alerts monitors your Sage Abra database and sends out email updates directly to employees via your existing email system, keeping the company aware of events such as performance reviews, benefits enrollment deadlines and compliance deadlines.

Sage Abra Attendance, another feature, allows employers to effectively track employee absences and leaves. With its flexible capabilities, it enables you to set absence codes, manage Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), accruals and carry-overs; plus saves you time by printing up-to-date leave balances directly onto paycheck stubs – saving time while improving productivity!

Sage Abra ESS allows employees and managers to easily view and update their personal information through an Internet browser, further alleviating human resources and payroll departments’ workloads by making information such as paid time off accruals, current benefit elections and addresses/phone numbers easily accessible via user-defined security parameters.

Additionally, Sage Abra Suite enables users to generate organizational charts from data in your Sage Abra Suite database and offers a skills-based training management system called Abra Train that lets you define specific training needs, manage class enrollments and prepare compliance reports while assuring certification deadlines are met.


Payroll features of Abra software offer many benefits to human resource departments. By streamlining employee management processes more efficiently and effectively, this can lead to higher profits and improved productivity for companies. Sage Abra HRMS (formerly Sage Abra Suite) optimizes workforce management for HR directors, executive officers and other business leaders by offering tools that track employee records and personnel actions; HR compliance reporting; benefits administration; time attendance tracking as well as training certification programs for workforce optimization.

Abra’s payroll features are easy to use and designed to manage various types of pay. They can calculate payroll, remit taxes, facilitate direct deposit and offer flexible timecard options allowing managers and employees to track time spent on tasks by using different seniority rules such as accrual and carryover rules; in addition to creating any plan – such as vacation or sick days plans.

Abra’s organizational charting feature, Abra Org Chart, allows users to easily generate company structures and provide an overview of company organization quickly and efficiently. Utilizing data from Abra Suite’s database and being updated as soon as it changes makes Abra Org Chart an invaluable asset for strategic planning by managers. In addition, its training module Abra Train makes it possible to quickly define specific training needs while creating reports to comply with government compliance.


An integrated suite from one major vendor provides payroll processing, simplifying operations and decreasing employee time spent on mundane administrative tasks. Furthermore, its database serves as the single source of truth providing real-time data insights. Finally, this system supports employee self-service – an increasingly popular trend among HR software applications.

Larger vendors are increasingly purchasing HR software solutions to provide complete human resources management systems, with integrated suites often being more comprehensive and providing superior service for their customer base. Furthermore, larger vendors typically possess greater resources for customer support as well as offering additional features at lower costs than their smaller competitors.

Abra HR offers an incredibly robust system that has proven itself in numerous businesses. Its database serves as a single point of truth, while its employee-friendly user interface offers all the capabilities that human resource personnel require in their daily duties, including compliance reporting and time off tracking.

Abra Suite’s eHR component enables managers to conduct employee evaluations online, with employees accessing their information from any web browser based on user-set security parameters. In addition, Abra provides an Attendance module which lets managers track absences and approve/deny requests as well as track attendance metrics and report on them.

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