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Sodexo Human Resources Policies and Procedures

sodexo hr policies

Sodexo’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Policy Against Harassment policy requires employees to report any instances of harassment or discrimination to either their manager, his/her supervisor, or Sodexo Human Resources representative immediately. There is also an established disciplinary procedure in place if these policies are violated.

Sodexo offers below-average salaries compared to similarly sized firms, yet has an exceptional benefits package and vibrant work environment.


Sodexo employees benefit greatly from their employment benefits, which include health insurance and paid time off. Many have access to life insurance and 401(k) plans as well. Sodexo also has an employee handbook available that outlines its policies and procedures as well as providing details about employee rights.

DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) has long been one of the company’s top priorities; however, recent rankings place DEI sixth. If a recession comes knocking, DEI initiatives could become one of the first ones cut from budgets.

Sodexo Group launched “Lunch Pass” as a meal voucher system in Luxembourg during 2021, making this digital solution available to office professionals, restaurant staff and those working from home during a pandemic. Furthermore, Sodexo provides travel and gift cards as additional benefits; additionally launching technology platforms that centralize all employee benefits in one location.

Vita by Sodexo is designed to support employees in remaining healthy, happy, and productive. The platform includes a 24/7 hotline offering counseling support as well as an online community and access to life insurance policies for workers across over 50 countries.


Sodexo offers numerous training courses designed to enhance employee development. These range from fundamental tasks, like how to prepare meals, to more advanced subjects like managing employee performance and engagement. Training sessions can take place either online or face-to-face.

Sodexo offers both training programs and employee recognition/awards programs, helping employees feel valued and encouraged to continue performing well. Furthermore, these programs may help employees uncover a career path which best suits them.

Sodexo employees can rely on the employee handbook as a resource to learn about its policies and procedures. New hires in particular will find this document essential in understanding expectations and obligations from employers as well as communicating company policies to their teams.

Food service workers from Vermont college campuses testified before the Statehouse on Wednesday, alleging Sodexo’s sick-day policy forces them into work when sick. Sodexo’s operations include dining halls and cafes at UVM and other state colleges and has implemented a points system which rewards employees who take sick days with points; exceeding seven points within any year can result in dismissal from employment.

Work environment

Sodexo offers an outstanding environment in which to learn and advance professionally. There are opportunities to hone your leadership abilities while working alongside talented colleagues from different departments and cultures, plus you’ll benefit from various professional development and training programs to secure a brighter future for yourself and your organization.

Policies of our company are tailored to foster an inclusive workforce, such as providing equal employment opportunities and preventing harassment and discrimination. Employees are also encouraged to take part in activities designed to promote diversity in the workplace and be active members of volunteer initiatives such as mentoring programs to strengthen both personal and professional lives.

Companies with flexible work environments tend to be more productive than those that adhere strictly to rules and processes, as the latter cannot respond quickly enough to changes in employee needs and market trends. Furthermore, this type of business model helps meet company goals while keeping employees satisfied and engaged.

Still, many employees still feel as though the policies of their company are too restrictive. Some employees fear that sick days will be reduced or they won’t be permitted to work overtime; others worry about punishment if they express disagreement with them.

Employee handbook

Employee handbooks provide invaluable resources for newcomers unfamiliar with company policies and procedures, while serving as guides for managers and supervisors tasked with enforcing them within their departments. It is essential to read and follow instructions carefully when filling out an employee handbook – some sections may require further information or documentation in order to complete it successfully.

Food service workers from Vermont college campuses testified Wednesday that Sodexo’s policy penalizing sick days has forced them to work sick. Sodexo issues points against each employee who takes time off for illness; any more than seven points within any one calendar year could result in dismissal from employment.

Sodexo provides food and services to business and industry, schools and universities, healthcare facilities, sports & leisure venues and government and military organizations worldwide. Their people-first approach incorporates programs that foster diversity, inclusion and professional growth for all employees.

Sodexo is committed to safeguarding personal data across its global operations, refusing to transfer such data to countries which do not guarantee an appropriate level of privacy protection and designing internal organizational structures and processes to protect personal information such as strict confidentiality and security standards.

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