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Syntel HR Policies and Benefits For Freshers and Experienced Professionals

syntel hr policies

Syntel offers an opportunity for newcomers to gain experience quickly, but is limited in length due to a lack of project opportunities. If you find one you like you might stay there longer.

Employees shall maintain the confidentiality of any Confidential Information, sensitive data and work products developed for or by SYNTEL/ its clients. They shall abide by applicable laws/ regulations/ IPR related policies of SYNTEL/ its clients.


Syntel offers exceptional health and wellness benefits that rank among its most attractive features, including an employee healthcare spending account enabling employees to take tax-free deductions from paychecks for healthcare costs, an impressive maternity support program, and vision care incentives.

As part of Your tenure at SYNTEL, You shall abide by any Terms of Employment issued or communicated via HR portal/emails/other means (hereinafter known as ‘Terms of Employment”) during Your employment which can be altered, added or modified at any time – these provisions may even be revised at anytime due to changes or withdrawal.

Starting as an associate consultant in Syntel can be intimidating at first, but once your skills and attitude have proven themselves you may progress to become senior or manager roles over time. At first you will go through comprehensive training in technologies like programming, SQL and Java before being assigned projects based on client requirements.

You agree not to disclose any confidential information pertaining to the Company/its clients/vendors to third parties or anyone else, including Your spouse/domestic partner. Furthermore, You shall not use such information for personal gain either during Your tenure with the Company or afterwards; additionally you shall refrain from engaging in activities which compete directly with those conducted by the Company.


Are You Seeking an Outstanding Salary Package at Syntel? Consider Working For Syntel Today! This company offers numerous job opportunities and benefits for both new graduates and experienced professionals, such as training and development programs, work-life balance arrangements, compensation packages and career progression opportunities. Additionally, reviews and ratings provide more insight into this company.

Syntel is a premier global provider of IT services and solutions, serving Fortune 500 companies including many of the world’s largest banks, retailers, insurers, telecommunications providers and other businesses. Their employees work in over 50 countries globally while the company prides itself on an excellent workplace culture as well as innovative products and services.

7.2 For the duration of this Employment Agreement and for two (2) years thereafter, the Employee will not seek engagement or employment with any organization likely to deploy him/her on Offshore/Onsite client engagements where SYNTEL already is engaged without first seeking prior written approval from SYNTEL. Furthermore, the Employee agrees to protect and safeguard SYNTEL’s and its client’s Confidential Information, sensitive data, and work product.

Syntel is currently hiring for various positions and you can apply by attending a Syntel walk-in interview, registering online if unable to attend in person or attending via video conference. The application process entails both written examination and an interview; to prepare yourself adequately, practice Syntel placement papers as well as study the syllabus carefully.

Training & Development

Syntel offers more than competitive salaries – they also provide extensive training opportunities. Their staff have access to soft skills training courses as well as business process and technical training which enables employees to increase their knowledge, boost chances of promotion and learn new technologies – thus improving overall work performance and increasing chances of advancement.

Employee agrees to read and comply with SYNTEL’s Information Security Policies, Non-Compete/Confidentiality Agreement and other policies communicated via the HR portal or otherwise during employment – these will remain binding obligations even upon termination of employment.

Additionally, the Employee recognizes and accepts that any confidential information, sensitive data and work product developed as part of performing this Agreement shall remain the exclusive property of SYNTEL/its client and shall promptly re-deliver all such material upon request from either party – no copies, extracts or reproductions shall be retained by them in any form whatsoever.

If a potential prospect does not respond, sending a soft break-up email may be the right course of action. This email offers less of an aggressive, less impersonal and more personalized way of following up, yet still allows you to see if they may still be interested in learning more about your company.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is of utmost importance at Syntel, which offers flexible work hours to facilitate employees achieving this balance and make the most of their time at the office. This allows employees to pursue personal interests outside of work such as family or hobbies while taking advantage of ample training courses and certification opportunities provided by Syntel.

Syntel encourages its employees to take time off as necessary for their personal health and wellbeing; employees do not need to use accrued vacation days prior to taking maternity or paternity leave. Additional paid leave may also be requested per the Company Policy issued from time to time.

If an employee is uncertain whether they can take a particular leave, they should seek guidance from their direct manager and/or HR. If their request cannot be accommodated by the company, an explanation for not taking this leave must be submitted in writing to both parties involved.

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