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Tawakkal Corporate – Developing and Maintaining HR Policies and Procedures

An HR policy manual is a document that defines the rules, norms, and culture of your organization. Additionally, it helps ensure compliance with employment laws. Drafting these documents early gives your business the edge it needs.

Human Resources officers and institutional managers should read, understand, and comply with the policies outlined in this manual. Any inconsistent memoranda or statements are superseded by its contents.

Employee handbook

Employee handbooks are an essential element of company culture. They outline rules and norms, offer information about compensation and benefits, and establish how employees should behave at work. Furthermore, employee handbooks serve as legal documents protecting the company against lawsuits or discrimination claims; so it’s essential that these are regularly reviewed to reflect current policies and practices.

An employee handbook can improve employee morale and performance. Additionally, it can facilitate onboarding and training processes – it would be wise to introduce the handbook during onboarding sessions and ask new hires to sign a document acknowledging they have read its contents and accept its terms.

As your company implements new policies or programs, updating the employee handbook may also help eliminate confusion and minimize misunderstanding among your employees. For example, updating it prior to implementing remote working policies will ensure managers can answer questions about this new initiative effectively.

Performance management

HR policies are an integral component of company operations, serving to define employee expectations, promote a healthy work environment and comply with UAE labor law. They can also contribute to your business by creating credibility and transparency regarding employee welfare and benefits. Tawakkal Corporate provides expert guidance in creating your UAE HR manual service manual so it is comprehensive yet effective.

An effective HR policy manual is an indispensable component of any company. It should address all aspects of human resource management – from hiring and training, through discipline and vacations, right down to discipline policies and vacation time off requests.

Requirements of a good employee

An effective employee must possess certain personality traits for them to perform their job successfully. You can spot these qualities through various means, including resumes and application documents of potential candidates; interviews; references; etc. During candidate interviews and references checks, make an effort to focus on these characteristics as much as possible and can ask references about these features of candidates’ personalities.

An HR policies manual is a comprehensive document outlining the rules and processes that a company implements for managing its workforce, such as company policies, grievance procedures and any applicable UAE employment laws and regulations. Such manuals serve both employees and managers alike by assuring consistent management practices as well as legal compliance.

HR policies are an integral component of any successful business in today’s highly-competitive environment, helping create an efficient working environment, foster healthy cultures and ensure employee happiness. Furthermore, these policies meet growing business demands by streamlining people operations and assuring legal compliance; creating an empowering work culture while simultaneously contributing to business success with credible image and transparency for employers.

Training and development

Establishing and upholding HR policies and procedures are integral parts of successfully leading people in any organization. On this course you’ll explore the role of policies as an independent topic within HR management as well as learn various tools, techniques, methodologies for developing them from conception through identification, research, formatting, writing, publishing, distribution, communication and maintenance.

HR managers of all career levels who are responsible for creating policies and procedures within their organizations as well as those looking to develop/write them can all find useful tips here. OD professionals looking to hone their writing/creating of policies/procedures may find these resources invaluable as well.

Tawakkal HR & Payroll Services can assist in developing policies and processes that govern your people operations to ensure consistent management practices, promote employee happiness and minimize legal complications. By designing employee policies that encourage transparency, fairness, accountability in the workplace – Tawakkal can ensure compliance with UAE labour law regulations as well as provide training programs and workshops designed to increase effectiveness of people operations in your organization.


UAE HR manual service provides an employee manual that clearly and succinctly outlines rules, responsibilities and processes related to employee management. This document benefits both employee and organization; helping streamline important aspects of your business like growth, discipline and vacation scheduling as well as making sure everyone onboard with one common understanding.

An effective UAE HR manual service should be easy for employees and managers alike to read, understand and follow. It should provide all relevant information necessary for compliance with laws and regulations as well as list benefits and rewards available from your company.

Employers in the UAE must provide workers with both a valid work permit and employment contract. Under UAE’s New Labor Law, all current employees on indefinite employment contracts must switch over to fixed-term contracts by Feb 2, 2022 (this applies even if foreign nationals work here) while any outstanding wages or end-of-service benefits must be paid within 10 days after an employee dies.

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