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The Best HR and Payroll Software For Small Business

best hr and payroll software for small business

Gusto stands out as an exceptional HR and payroll software for small business due to its monthly pricing plan, comprehensive employee management tools and user-friendly platform. Furthermore, same or next day direct deposit as well as features such as time tracking are all provided by this powerful solution.

Gusto offers full-service payroll options, health insurance, retirement services and compliance tools at each tier of its plans.

1. BambooHR

BambooHR provides you with all of the features necessary to efficiently manage employee lifecycle management – from onboarding, payroll and benefits through retirement planning and more. It features an intuitive user-friendly interface with custom fields available to record specific types of data. Plus, BambooHR boasts an outstanding reporting tool which lets you run any report you need – from EEO-1 reports to age and gender profiles!

Bamboo HR’s self-service tools save both you and your employees time by enabling team members to access pay stubs, tax forms and other essential data from their online accounts. Furthermore, team members can make changes to their contact information or update PTO schedules without needing assistance from HR.

Employees can use BambooHR to request time off and view their company calendar, while managers can monitor their team’s hours using a dashboard. However, it should be noted that BambooHR lacks some advanced scheduling features found with competitors, such as creating shifts based on roles or times or enabling employees to switch shifts easily.

2. Paychex

Paychex Flex provides small businesses with an all-encompassing suite of features for managing payroll and human-capital services, from supporting multiple payment methods and offering mobile app functionality, to processing payments on different schedules and providing tax filing and reporting. However, its services can be more costly compared with others that offer more tailored solutions.

Flex Essentials from this software company is priced lower than other providers’ basic plans while not including all services included standard with other solutions, such as e-learning courses being an optional extra and financial wellness and employee assistance programs not being part of its minimum pricing tier.

Paychex sales representatives can help small business owners determine if Paychex is right for them, by helping gather and import existing data into Paychex from existing systems, providing price quotes, assessing any additional add-on services required and offering helpful training webinars on various topics including setting up payroll, using software applications and beginning HR management processes.

3. Rippling

Rippling provides an intuitive HR system with highly automated features and integration with over 500 third-party apps, while providing valuable digital resources like an online help center, blog and “recipe templates” enabling administrators to customize forms, surveys and notifications easily. In addition, its platform automatically sends offer letters for payroll processing with direct deposit; manage Affordable Care Act documentation compliance; automate reporting on Affordable Care Act benefits.

Rippling offers employers a fast and efficient onboarding solution to new employees within 90 seconds, creating customized employee records with one click, syncing approved working hours/PTO with payroll automatically and more – all from one dashboard.

Pricing information from this vendor isn’t readily available – contact their team to obtain a quote – however it offers several features and benefits that make it competitively priced. One key benefit was how it streamlines processes for managing remote workers by including all aspects of access/deboard into HR processes.

4. Uzio

Uzio provides a complete solution for HR, benefits, payroll and worker’s compensation management, providing clients with a cohesive experience in a digital ecosystem. This enables brokers to keep current customers happy while expanding their clientele while increasing market share.

The main advantages of the platform include streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. Furthermore, it facilitates better communication and visibility. In addition, HR processes become less error prone. Furthermore, automation reduces paperwork while simultaneously decreasing employee frustration and saving time.

UZIO features include an employee self-serve portal, business reporting and compliance tools, mobile application and marketplace designed to make managing human resources tasks and payroll simpler for small and medium teams. Recently added is the ability for employers to split costs for voluntary disability plans with employees. In addition, flexible pricing enables brokers to increase margins while competing against other providers.

5. Zenefits

Zenefits provides all your HR needs – payroll, benefits, compliance and more – in one online dashboard. Zenefits is easy to use and connects seamlessly with existing payroll, insurance and hiring systems within seconds. Employees can complete HR-related tasks such as clocking in/out, requesting time off requests and viewing pay stubs; higher tiers provide compensation planning tools and well-being assessments along with performance management functions.

Its payroll module features essential functions, including unlimited pay runs, direct deposit and garnishment support. Furthermore, multiple schedules and payments for workers can be made, while geolocation tracking enables employees to be monitored easily. You can set time off blackout dates as well as calculate PTO balances easily.

Zenefits offers comprehensive support options, from live phone assistance and in-app help tool use, through advisory services for an additional monthly fee if required, such as handling difficult employees or compliance issues. Zenefits’ flexible pricing plans feature plans on either per employee basis and monthly or annual billing options for maximum flexibility and cost control.

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