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The Best HR Software For Midsize Companies

best hr software for midsize companies

As a midsize business, you should seek an HR software solution that’s both cost-effective and flexible. The best HRIS tools put people first while providing a comprehensive set of features.

BambooHR offers several solutions tailored specifically to small businesses. Their automated system simplifies tasks such as applicant tracking, employee self-service access and performance reviews as well as offering numerous free tools for employees.

Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business Cloud features an intuitive and uncluttered user experience that is straightforward. Its features range from an intuitive reporting tool and cash flow forecasting capability, allowing multiple companies to be managed from a single account, automating payroll calculations and producing payslips with one click, meeting tax compliance regulations and meeting any additional specialized compliance needs.

Simple and user-friendly invoicing makes getting paid easier than ever, with its user-friendly invoicing system and Pay Now option for online payments and credit card transaction storage capabilities to track total money received and spent. Meanwhile, its Cash Flow feature shows how your cash accounts balances are expected to change over time as cash comes and goes.

Sage has received criticism from users due to its documentation and support, leading some users to express discontent with it. Without adequate documentation and support it may be difficult to troubleshoot issues quickly and reliably. Furthermore, some have reported delays in responding to their inquiries; however, Sage City provides support for both developers and end-users alike.


Namely is an HR, payroll, and benefits platform tailored specifically to fit the culture of any company. Its intuitive user interface draws inspiration from social media apps to ensure ease-of-use for both HR professionals and employees when using the system. Features of Note include employee profile self-service, integration of e-verify verification verification verification integration time off management features tracking performance growth plans with employee performance tracker features as well as time off management features.

Our payroll module assists businesses with employee payment, tax compliance and management. It supports online and mobile time tracking as well as physical clock-ins using PIN, fingerprint or ID card clock ins for physical clock ins. Employees can view their pay stubs and paycheck history while the system handles ACA reporting as well as W-2s and 1099s.

Namely offers an impressive range of features, yet falls short when compared with HR solutions designed for larger enterprises. In addition, its customer service team may take longer than necessary to respond to inquiries. Despite these drawbacks, Namely remains an attractive option for mid-sized companies looking for comprehensive HR solutions. With modern technology and world-class experts helping people teams save time, avoid compliance risks, and build an exceptional company culture, Namely makes for a fantastic solution!


Paylocity is a cloud-based human capital management software designed to assist small business owners in streamlining payroll, employee performance and benefits processes. By automating time-consuming tasks and eliminating errors, Paylocity helps free up HR staff for other essential duties while its user-friendly interface enables easy team performance management and oversight.

Paylocity offers features such as automated payroll calculations, tax compliance and direct deposit. In addition, Paylocity provides employee self-service portals and customizable reporting. Furthermore, its mobile app enables employees to access their payroll and benefits information anywhere at any time.

Midsize and large companies with complex payrolls and HR-related functions find the system suitable. However, smaller businesses may find other services better suited. Since Paycor doesn’t publish pricing information online and requires a demo to learn more of its services compared with competing services like Gusto or Intuit which publish prices up front and offer free trials, Paycor may not meet smaller business needs as effectively.

Another drawback of the payroll system is a bug which allows employees to clock in remotely even when not working – leading to inaccurate and inconvenient data collection.


Rippling is a cloud-based HR software platform that integrates employee functions to automate many mundane processes. It is user-friendly and offers flexible reporting capabilities – its extensive collection of reports helps administrators visualize employee turnover, track app usage, etc. In addition, Rippling also features an employee self-service portal and offers employee self-care features.

Rippling’s user-friendly software enables administrators to efficiently automate onboarding processes quickly, from sending offer letters and documents electronically, signing documents electronically, completing W-2 forms in minutes from their home dashboards and automatically enrolling new hires into benefits packages. Rippling has built up a solid reputation among its clients for prompt live chat support which displays updated response times on its website; additionally there is also an optional monthly help desk fee service provided for their help desk service.

Rippling is an excellent solution for small businesses with complex workforce management requirements, offering features such as a unified employee database, automated compliance breach alerts, integration tools and PTO balance management capabilities. PTO balances, 401K providers and deductions from benefit platforms can all be managed easily with this software solution. Rippling also offers payroll services on an on-going monthly basis which include workers’ compensation insurance. Furthermore, its integrated software supports over 500 third-party applications.


Paycor is an HR and payroll solution with all of the features needed to efficiently organize all employee data in one central place. With its online custom report builder and library of standard reports – such as benefits enrollment, payroll register performance management and turnover reports – Paycor helps manage employee data more easily than more complex systems. Reviews online by users praise Paycor’s intuitive nature when it comes to use.

Paycor provides comprehensive Human Capital Management solutions as well as payroll tax services and automated Workers’ Compensation management, allowing employees to clock-in from mobile devices and providing unique features like on-demand pay whereby employees choose how often they wish to receive payment; daily, weekly or bimonthly options can be selected by employees.

Small businesses can select Paycor software in four tiers, with pricing depending on which modules are selected. The Complete tier is the most costly option and provides access to tools for human resources, payroll, workforce management and talent management – saving business owners both time and effort by eliminating multiple systems log-ins or having to rekey data manually.

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