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The Best HR Systems Software

An effective HR system integrates several functions into one program, including tools to manage employee data, monitor performance and foster collaboration. Many systems also feature automated workflows to streamline common processes.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking features enable managers to store job applications, monitor candidates and conduct background checks efficiently. Furthermore, this software assists new hires by offering offer letters, paperwork and e-signature features – helping ensure an easy onboarding process for new employees.


Human resources management software offers HR managers various tools. With its user-friendly interface and support team readily available to address questions or concerns, this human resources software streamlines processes while improving employee self-service capabilities.

Lanteria Core HR features a central database for all company documents, such as employee profiles and contracts, making access easily customizable depending on employee roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, this system offers search tools as well as flexible reporting functionality.

This system features an easy-to-use dashboard for performing an array of HR duties, from hiring and performance monitoring, through payroll administration and employee benefits administration. While more costly than its peers, it provides comprehensive functionality.

Small and mid-sized businesses alike will find this system an excellent way to streamline employee lifecycle management from hiring through termination. Features such as centralized database storage for company information as well as an automated organizational chart help streamline this process while it integrates with several third-party software solutions is offered for added convenience.

Breathe HR

Breathe HR is an easy and cost-effective HR software solution tailored to SMEs that streamlines people administration while saving them on average 5 hours per week in admin costs.

It provides all of the core features and functionalities associated with an HR system, including a centralised database for employee documents, self-service tools for employee documentation management, rota scheduling tools for team management tools and an ability to forecast salaries. Furthermore, payroll processing as well as location and Covid 19 management services can be easily added if needed.

The Breathe HR database makes it simple and quick to locate and access employee documentation, including ID documents, education data and contracts. Users can store ID documents, education data and contracts as well as view performance reviews and absence tracking directly from the dashboard. In addition, this feature includes an employee directory, calendar of deliverables and expenses reporting – and it even enables companies to implement custom processes with Breathe HR such as wellbeing questionnaires or location-based surveys!


GoCo offers sleek, user-friendly HR tools with some impressively powerful capabilities behind the scenes. Automating processes like onboarding, benefits administration, PTO management and customizable portal access. GoCo also features e-signature software and security and privacy software – plus provides global payroll solutions to US and international employees in over 150 countries!

Time tracking features in our software enable employees to clock in and out with ease and automatically calculate overtime; customizable PTO policies; holiday schedules can be set easily; managers can track employee hours; balances are approved quickly by managers while electronic signatures make submitting and signing documents easier for team members.

GoCo may not provide as many third-party integrations as its rivals do, but it still provides access to professional human resource assistance as well as a self-service resource library of templates, handbooks, and tools. Furthermore, its customer service representatives are known for providing quick yet helpful support.

Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business Cloud offers accounting, finance, enterprise management, people and payroll management as well as banking and payments solutions for companies of all sizes at every point in their journey. It has solutions tailored for companies at every point on their business journeys.

Sage Business Cloud’s smart bank reconciliation tool automatically matches bank transactions with those entered in the system, enabling you to track sales, expenses and journal entries while customizing report categories based on personal preference. Furthermore, Sage supports multiple currencies and calculates sales taxes based on location.

This software lets you set default terms and conditions that can then be turned into invoices, while providing limited tracking of billable hours or adding expense items to invoices. Furthermore, there’s no purchase order feature, which could pose issues if your business sells products.


Ciphr is a leading SaaS HR, payroll, recruitment and learning software solution provider. Their cloud-based solutions enable HR teams to streamline processes while protecting sensitive employee information securely – saving HR teams valuable time for strategic work. Their integrated HCM platform, Ciphr Connect provides seamless integration between their own solutions as well as third-party apps to provide employees with an exceptional employee experience.

Ciphr also provides an extensive array of training resources and activities, including its new structured learning journeys designed to upskill users through bitesize videos, interactive eLearning modules, scenario-based skills training with software simulations, as well as all customer training covered under its annual subscription charge.

The company holds strong beliefs in respect for both people and the environment. They are an accredited Living Wage Employer with formal policies and procedures in place for compliance with the Modern Slavery Act; additionally they support numerous local and national charities.


Rippling HR software stands out as one of the easiest HR systems to use thanks to its appealing user interface and robust automation features. It can streamline multiple aspects of employee lifecycle management such as applicant tracking, custom hiring workflows, task management, payroll processing, benefits administration and compliance training. Rippling can also integrate with over 500 applications to provide IT management services for computer devices; assigning computers/laptops to employees while disabling access from those who have left.

Rippling’s onboarding service strives to accelerate this process with automated documents and features for HR, payroll and IT that streamline the onboarding experience for new hires, while offering custom pricing packages tailored specifically for each business system or system integration – it even offers immediate customer support via live chat! Furthermore, its IT management services allow companies to track remote employees computers and applications remotely.

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