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Top 5 Payroll and HR Software

payroll and hr software

An effective payroll and HR software should provide an intuitive user interface and allow for the easy management of employee data – an important feature in order to remain compliant with federal and state laws.

A good system will automatically update its software to comply with new laws and regulations, as well as enable you to view reports and track trends.


Automatic Data Processing, also known as ADP, has over a million corporate clients and 70 years of experience as one of the world’s premier payroll software solutions and services providers. Their RUN payroll platform features full-service HR tools that can scale to meet larger businesses’ HR needs; such as payroll processing, tax filing and time management solutions as well as detailed reporting that helps recruiters fine tune their strategies and maximize hiring results.

ADP offers its customer support team via phone or email to guide users through its software, while their comprehensive online resource library features articles targeted to small- to midsize businesses as well as enterprise companies, providing tax guides, calculators, downloadable forms and video tutorials for small- to midsize companies and enterprise companies alike. Furthermore, employees can utilize ADP’s employee self-service app which allows them to view pay stubs, manage direct deposits and access their 401(k) contributions directly.


Gusto offers time-saving payroll features, including automatic tax filing. It calculates and files state and federal taxes for hourly, salaried, per job pay rates as well as various payment methods; in addition to running payroll for contractors. Furthermore, its premium plan offers quote-based pricing with unlimited direct deposit, compliance alerts, and a dedicated support line.

Gusto offers another advantage to companies through the ability to process one-off payments such as bonuses and reimbursements quickly and conveniently – which can be especially useful when correcting errors quickly or paying employees infrequently. In addition, this unique system enables various pay schedule frequencies like weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and quarterly pay schedules which isn’t offered by many other payroll systems.

Gusto offers robust tools and an intuitive user interface, making it an excellent solution for businesses that need to streamline their HR and payroll processes. It offers features tailored specifically for payroll as well as onboarding; including new hire reporting and digital onboarding capabilities.

TriNet Zenefits

TriNet Zenefits platform provides an all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits solution, designed to streamline essential business processes and save companies both time and money. New hires will receive first payments as well as dynamic pay stubs automatically while its features automate payroll taxes filing without the need for manual work by HR teams.

This platform also includes a People Hub for employees, which allows managers to post company updates and communicate with their team – especially helpful for remote workers. Furthermore, its dashboard makes it possible to track employee engagement and performance.

Zenefits is a fantastic solution for small businesses that wish to streamline their people operations, offering automated HR tools and advisory services that make achieving better business outcomes straightforward. Zenefits’ hiring/onboarding process enables employers to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce.


APS systems utilize real-time data and advanced analytics to support accurate decision making, optimizing resource allocation and streamlining supply chain operations to increase responsiveness and increase operational efficiency, thus giving organizations a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Improved Responsiveness

APS systems enable organizations to adapt quickly to market fluctuations and customer requirements by optimizing production schedules, inventory management and resource allocation – helping organizations avoid stock-outs while quickly responding to changes in demand – thus guaranteeing on-time deliveries and seizing new business opportunities.

Reduced Lead Times APS systems can optimize production schedules and resource allocation based on factors like machine capacities, labor availability, material constraints and order priorities to minimize waste while increasing productivity by minimizing idle time and optimizing machine utilization – ultimately leading to decreased lead times and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Justworks is a professional employer organization (PEO), offering human resource (HR) management tools such as payroll, employee benefits administration, compliance support and document storage. There are two plans available depending on the size of your business.

Justworks offers an efficient onboarding process that makes hiring new hires quick and straightforward, with permissions for employees and accountants that is not available in Gusto, making this software especially suitable for businesses employing contractors.

Employees can track their time on the system using a TSheets integration, providing access to pay details, recording hours worked and submitting time off requests. In addition, the system automatically files payroll taxes and manages year-end tax forms.

Justworks user reviews tend to be positive; however, some have complained about their customer service experience. Based out of the United States and offering support by phone or online chat.

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is a global payroll and people solutions provider offering an end-to-end platform for employee onboarding, compliance management, HR services and payments. Their online HRIS is compatible with major platforms and automates workflows while multiple payment methods and a user-friendly employee dashboard complete the offering.

Integrating with key business software systems, the platform streamlines data syncing for improved accuracy and security while offering auto-generated business intelligence reports that offer ongoing insights. Companies can also consolidate data from multiple integrations to track global employment spending real time.

Papaya Global’s payroll solution is tailored to simplify international HR and payments processing for businesses of any size in 160 countries worldwide. Working in collaboration with local in-country partners (ICPs), Papaya Global acts as legal employer of workers while adhering to local laws and regulations; conducting regular anti-money laundering checks as well as transaction monitoring to protect client funds while using its double verification mechanism during both payroll calculation and payments processes in order to minimize risky payments.

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