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Top 5 Popular HR Software Solutions

popular hr software

Many businesses utilize HR software to streamline administrative tasks. These systems can facilitate everything from new-hire onboarding and performance reviews to job applications and job application submission. Furthermore, many offer tools designed to improve employee wellbeing and company culture.

ClickUp is an ideal HR automation platform, as its design prioritizes people. Offering hundreds of workflow templates and unlimited users, documents, whiteboards and more – ClickUp puts people first when automating HR processes.


Gusto’s mission is to facilitate work that empowers a better life by streamlining payroll, benefits and HR for modern companies. Their products make an ideal solution for small businesses seeking to save time on administrative management tasks like worker’s comp, taxes and employee deductions; plus their software automates payroll processing and tax filing in all 50 states while helping manage complex state laws such as different hour or break requirements.

This company also provides an innovative feature that streamlines the registration of businesses in new states, saving both time and money for employers. Furthermore, a support number with representatives available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm MT can also be reached here.

Gusto plans provide full-service payroll processing and tax filing, while also enabling employees to submit expenses for reimbursement which are then approved or denied, and reflect in their paychecks accordingly. In addition, mobile apps developed by Gusto allow employees to track time and projects easily – saving HR teams valuable time with manual data entry reduction.


Rippling is one of the most comprehensive HR software solutions on the market, enabling you to automate various HR processes quickly and seamlessly in a matter of weeks. Its sleek design and integration capabilities make it user-friendly; furthermore, customizable position management and applicant tracking options can also be implemented on this platform. Furthermore, Rippling integrates easily with background check and e-verification systems so as to automatically merge candidate information together for seamless candidate processing.

User-friendly features of its software include applicant tracking, custom workflows, employee self-service, payroll processing and compliance training. Furthermore, employees can utilize a mobile app for task and schedule management; moreover, its system integrates with 500+ applications so employees can access them all using one login.

Rippling can be an ideal fit for mid-sized companies and those with specific HR needs, though its costs may be prohibitive if only payroll management is needed. Unfortunately, its prices don’t appear online so contacting one of their representatives for an accurate price quote will likely be necessary; starter plans begin at $8 monthly, however exact pricing depends on individual circumstances.


BrightHR is an HR management program with an impressive array of advanced tools, designed for mobile use by employees and optimized to support payroll reporting and time tracking capabilities. Furthermore, its industry leading security practices help safeguard sensitive information against hackers.

BrightHR offers many features for employees to utilize, with users applauding its employee scheduling features – which allows managers to quickly create multiple schedules at the same time and share them with employees. Furthermore, there’s a holiday calendar and mobile applications to make requesting vacation days simple; employees also appreciate how convenient it is to clock in/out for work with BrightHR’s mobile apps.

Overall, employees overwhelmingly rate their experience working at BrightHR as positive; however, some employees express some reservations about its pace of work; in particular, some feel unprepared for their first day compared to how prepared they could have been; this should be taken into consideration by companies. On average, BrightHR employees give it a B grade rating for Culture and Environment.


Lanteria is an intuitive HR solution designed to streamline daily HR tasks like collecting employee documents and overseeing company processes. The user-friendly interface gives you instantaneous visibility of any HR tasks or employees needing your attention, giving you time for bigger goals like formulating strategies or building employee morale. Plus, its powerful tool helps manage employee performance by setting goals and tracking progress towards them.

Lanteria core HR module provides a centralized database to store all employee information such as profiles, contracts and company documents. You can customize access based on an employee’s position or job description – making finding what you need easier! With flexible search tools that make finding what you need even simpler!

Lanteria HR software is a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers seamless integration with popular apps such as Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. With powerful, customizable features and flexibility suited for companies of any size and its ability to automate HR processes while increasing workplace productivity – Lanteria can meet the needs of companies of all kinds and sizes.


BambooHR provides an array of HR features. These include document storage, employee database and hiring/recruitment functionality as well as standard reports and mobile access. BambooHR’s central database gives managers and employees access to the information they require – helping reduce costs and improve efficiency while its self-onboarding feature allows new hires to submit their information themselves quickly reducing time needed for managers to input this data.

BambooHR integrates seamlessly with payroll systems, cutting down on manual work needed for processing employee paychecks and helping ensure compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws. However, some advanced payroll features – like automatic notifications of minimum wage changes or pay stubs documenting paid sick leave accrual – are unavailable through this system.

BambooHR features an intuitive user interface with only a few clicks required to access essential features, making it user-friendly for even newcomers. Furthermore, its portability enables it to be utilized from any location – making it perfect for companies with decentralized teams.

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