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Top HR Software For Large Companies

hr software for large companies

Hiring HR software is essential to the success of any business. But to find a software solution tailored specifically to your company, it’s crucial to identify its requirements and find one that meets those needs. Perhaps your software should integrate with other programs or allow for expansion.


Gusto is an award-winning payroll and HR software platform focused on value. It provides full-service payroll for single state employers as well as basic HR tools and digital onboarding for digital onboarding. Plus, with live one-on-one advice from HR experts with SHRM or HRCI certifications available through its premium plan – perfect for resource-constrained businesses that cannot afford dedicated HR teams. Featuring customizable offer letters and payroll scheduling tools to manage new employees quickly while tracking work hours easily, this customizable offer letter and payroll scheduling tool makes Gusto an indispensable partner to HR teams or HR professionals looking for advice!

Gusto offers an efficient payroll process, helping to save you time spent managing employee data. You can easily set alerts and reminders, with everything automatically synced up with your calendar. Furthermore, customized reports allow you to monitor employee performance and enhance business operations; plus the robust time-and attendance tracking system allows for continuous monitoring of employee behavior – plus there is even an optional contractor version!

The platform offers customers multiple means of reaching customer support, including chat, phone and email. Phone support is offered Monday-Sunday between 8 am and 3 pm Pacific Time while chat support can be found between 6 am and 4 pm PT; some competitors provide 24/7 service.


Deputy is one of the premier employee scheduling software solutions for businesses with shift-based workforces, offering employee scheduling, time tracking, task management, team communication and labor compliance features that ensure businesses remain compliant with wage and hour laws.

Deputy is a comprehensive software suite consisting of desktop client, mobile apps and kiosks for clocking in/out. Employees find its user interface easy and intuitive; employees can easily access their schedule, make changes and view earnings through an app or desktop client. Furthermore, its built-in communication tools enable managers to send out messages to staff as well as create check lists to complete tasks more quickly.

This platform also offers various reports, such as employee information, journal usage and staff costs comparisons. Managers can customize their dashboard to display only what’s most pertinent to them – an impressive feat considering that multiple users with various permission levels can all use this system at the same time!

Deputy is an excellent solution for large companies looking to streamline their scheduling and labor compliance needs. Reviewers have been highly complimentary about its robust feature set, with many applauding its ease-of-use and functionality. However, some users have noted the absence of a calendar view and inability to block out times when an employee is unavailable.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is a cloud-based HR management solution designed to offer HR professionals an integrated approach for managing human resources functions. It features core HR functionality as well as compliant payroll processing, workforce management and recruiting functions, performance evaluation and employee experience features – as well as providing HR practitioners with digital assistants and tools that enable quicker decision-making processes.

Users of Oracle HCM Cloud report it is user-friendly and offers a great interface, but it still faces challenges; one issue being its slow response times to queries as well as some bugs; in addition, its cost can be prohibitive for smaller businesses.

The platform’s capabilities span across Global HR, Recruiting, Learning and Talent Management as well as Work Life Solutions such as Payroll Management, Workforce Directory, Advanced HCM Controls and Digital Assistant. Furthermore, an analytics module helps optimize global people processes while making better business decisions.

The system also features low code/no code tools that make custom forms and workflows easily. HR professionals can utilize these tools to quickly build and customize HR templates quickly and easily reducing task completion time significantly. Furthermore, this mobile-friendly system supports various devices. Furthermore, its robust security and visibility options provide protection from data breach as well as meeting compliance requirements while offering user community resources and user support resources.


Oyster is a cloud-based human resources management system that specializes in payroll and compliance for global teams. With its comprehensive suite of features that help businesses manage remote workers such as employee onboarding tools, time tracking tools and training management capabilities; global employment templates/checklists to speed up international hiring processes; as well as time zone crossover calculator to optimize talent sourcing locations while staying within budget – Oyster helps companies meet global HR management demands effectively and cost efficiently.

Oyster’s platform enables businesses to hire workers in over 100 countries and provides solutions for managing compliance, pay, and benefits. Its user interface is user-friendly; customer support offers world-class empathetic representatives who understand the challenges associated with managing distributed teams.

Oyster may offer some helpful features for enterprise companies, yet it falls short in providing key capabilities necessary for enterprise business management. For example, Oyster doesn’t provide full suite data visualization tools which help business leaders identify trends within their talent pipeline and improve employee retention rates. Furthermore, its lack of the capability of creating custom reports poses issues for larger firms which need more in-depth employee details. While workarounds exist – however they require extra work by company.

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