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Top HR Software Reviews

Gusto makes HR managers’ lives much simpler with its user-friendly dashboard and extensive payroll features, including local labor laws, currency conversions and tax withholdings – saving them both time and money to avoid errors or penalties.

New-hire onboarding can also be completed quickly with offer letters, background checks, paperwork, payroll setup and benefit enrollment within 90 seconds – making the software fun to use and easy to understand.


BambooHR is an HR management system developed for small to mid-sized businesses. It features an intuitive user interface with features that include talent pool management, employee self-service portal and customizable reporting. Furthermore, managers can use BambooHR’s built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) to post job ads quickly and review resumes efficiently before setting goals for new hires – saving both time and reducing data reentry! Once an applicant is hired into BambooHR their information will automatically transfer – saving both time and reducing human error!

This software offers new employees various tools, such as an onboarding checklist and electronic signature capability, to quickly ramp them up quickly and keep them engaged, helping increase productivity and retention rates. Furthermore, its flexible performance management system offers frequent check-ins instead of annual reviews.

User-friendly dashboards let you customize the homepage with relevant widgets and dashboards, while high-level reports and analytics make for an intuitive user experience. Custom reports can even be created based on key metrics for your business.

BambooHR does not display its pricing online; therefore, buyers must contact them for a quote prior to signing up. While this might deter some buyers, BambooHR offers a free trial that allows organizations to see if its program fits with them before making their final decision.


Paycom is a top-rated HR management software offering an array of features designed to automate and streamline various tasks. It includes tools for employee self-service, applicant tracking and performance management as well as features that assist businesses meet compliance requirements. Paycom’s flexible design makes it ideal for mid-market companies with diverse workforce management requirements.

Paycom boasts an intuitive user interface designed for employees’ ease of use, offering them self-service capabilities such as updating personal information, managing benefits, and requesting time off. In addition to these features, Paycom also features mileage tracking as a convenient means of monitoring employee attendance; moreover, its reporting options enable employers to keep an eye on workforce data in real-time.

Paycom users may be disappointed with its lack of customer service and outdated user interface (UI), its limited live workforce analytics (LWAs) which do not offer comprehensive visibility into employee costs and wage variances, no open API, nor third-party integration support; small businesses may find these restrictions frustrating; those seeking more cost-effective payroll options such as ADP Run or Gusto Payroll with lower base cost fees might consider alternatives like these instead.


Rippling was one of the more user-friendly HR software options we reviewed, making many time-consuming tasks simpler for your business. Administrators can track employee information and automate various functions – from onboarding and compliance management, to onboarding employee profiles or reporting data like turnover or app usage. Custom reports can also be created.

Rippling’s home dashboard features a Quick Action Springboard to make it easy for administrators to quickly get to their most essential tasks. Rippling also offers an automated process for new-hire paperwork completion and payroll processing; users can send offer letters, complete W-2 forms and set up direct deposit within minutes! In addition, Rippling integrates with more than 500 third-party apps to assist with fast onboarding processes.

Rippling also provides robust reporting capabilities, along with an HR Help Desk service that offers real-time live chat and email support for a monthly fee. Capable of handling over 2,000 employees at once, this help desk service is perfect for midsize businesses seeking to save time on administrative tasks.

Rippling’s elegant design and user-friendly interface make it an excellent option for SMBs looking for a customizable, user-friendly solution to meet their HR, payroll, benefits, IT and infrastructure requirements. Ideal for companies with over 75 employees but potentially too costly for smaller firms needing only payroll management.


PeopleSoft is an integrated set of business applications for human resource, customer relationship and financial management needs, offering Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM), Financial Management Solutions (FMS) as well as Supply Chain Management Software. PeopleSoft can be utilized by organizations of any size; its use helps streamline, monitor and track common processes found within HR departments while managing employee information, departments and tasks efficiently while overseeing employee benefits/payroll and providing reporting capabilities.

Peoplesoft is available both in the cloud and on-premises and serves all major operating systems. Employees can access Peoplesoft from mobile devices for HR transactions anytime they like; its user interface offers simple navigation suited for multiple form factors and devices.

Note that any system requiring high levels of technical expertise to implement and use requires significant investment both financially and timewise, so partnering with an experienced implementation and support provider is recommended to save both time and money while making sure staff become acquainted with the new system quickly. Vendors typically offer both on-site training as well as online tutorials to make this transition process seamless for everyone involved.

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