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What Is the Best HR Software Solution for Small Businesses?

what is the best hr software

Freshteam is an all-in-one HR software solution designed to make workforce management simpler, as well as offer advanced reports and analytics on team performance.

Gusto makes employee administration simpler with an intuitive hub for payroll, time tracking and PTO scheduling. In addition to managing federal and state taxes for you, this self-service portal also enables employees to manage their own information independently.


Gusto is an award-winning, online HR services tool tailored to simplifying the workflows of small businesses. It serves as a central repository for employee data, handles payroll processing from tax filing through direct deposit, integrates with time tracking software, offers employee self-service portal access and recruitment management tools – yet lacks some advanced automation features offered by competitors.

Gusto’s centralized database gives managers invaluable insights into their workforce and facilitates optimized HR decisions. Employees can easily track leave requests through its self-service employee portal while managers have access to an individual timeline showing all upcoming scheduled days off for each employee.

Gusto’s Simple plan is ideal for smaller teams and includes full-service payroll for one state, basic HR tools and onboarding processes, document management solutions and document archival solutions. Larger organizations should consider Gusto Plus subscription which adds time tracking tools, project management features and special permission settings as well as access to certified HR experts on-demand as well as templates for job descriptions, labor law policies and performance evaluations.


Zenefits offers many great features, but it may not be right for every business. Zenefits may be too comprehensive for smaller enterprises and its payroll feature may not always perform at its peak performance. Kin is an alternative platform suitable for smaller budgets that provides basic features like employee self-service, document storage, signature tracking, PTO management and daily data backups with its 7-day free trial period and daily data backups.

BambooHR offers a comprehensive HR solution to small and midsized companies, which helps minimize errors during data entry, streamline hiring processes and increase employee efficiency while adhering to federal laws.

Kronos Workforce Ready may not have as open of a pricing structure as Zenefits; monthly costs are determined using a quote-based model and must be requested directly from the company to receive an accurate estimate. Its user-friendly interface includes add-ons that help with employee benefits management and payroll administration as well as geolocation tracking for time and attendance (which allows administrators to track employee movements as they clock in or out using mobile apps).


Gusto’s highly popular solution offers businesses that require a single source of truth an excellent solution, providing essential HR functions like reporting functionality, applicant tracking and PTO management as well as custom automated workflows and mobile candidate portal. However, Gusto offers more employee engagement tools.

Note that no single software in this category can meet all the needs of every type and size of business; so before selecting one for yours, carefully evaluate each software’s features and capabilities.

Lanteria offers an expansive set of features and a flexible pricing structure. Its core HR module helps you develop processes and workflows that align with your business goals and values; additionally it assists in creating and maintaining a central database accessible by employees, administrators, and top management alike. Furthermore its reporting capabilities deliver data-driven insights to optimize HR decisions; its flexible search tools allow quick identification of information.


PeopleHR is an all-inclusive HR software solution with numerous features to assist your company’s smooth running. This includes employee self-service portal, performance evaluation tools, payroll processing capabilities and collaboration between managers and employees – making it an excellent solution for small businesses as well as being economical and customizable enough for any size organization.

People HR is a cloud-based software program, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. The mobile app makes it easier for employees and managers to access their information even when away from the office, while helping ensure all the data in your system is updated and accurate.

PeopleHR’s platform is easy to use and its users have found that it has drastically simplified their HR workflows. Unfortunately, due to a risk of downtime it may not be suitable for businesses needing high availability; however, it provides a live status page of its servers so you can check whether or not it’s up and running at any given moment.


Workable is an affordable HR software solution designed to assist companies in managing employees, data, and goals more effectively. With its customization features and affordable pricing structure, Workable makes an excellent option for small businesses of any size and scope. With its streamlined recruitment and hiring processes you are sure to find top candidates for your organization quickly. In addition, Workable integrates with hundreds of third-party applications seamlessly as well as offering free mobile clock-in feature for tracking employee timesheets.

With comprehensive reporting functionality that provides valuable insight into your workforce and allows for optimizing critical HR decisions, its centralized employee database enables a holistic view of employee information without silos or confusion, while its applicant tracking system expedites hiring by improving candidate experience with features like its AI Recruiter and job posting tools.

An effective HR software solution will save time and money by streamlining payroll processing, benefits administration and compliance management – thus freeing you from tedious manual tasks while giving your business assurance it complies with local, state and federal regulations.

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