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Wipro’s HR Policies

ppt on hr policies of wipro

Wipro prohibits certain activities in order to uphold its highest levels of integrity and ethical business conduct, including:

Never reveal confidential information about competitors, their products or services without permission from Wipro. When posting online comments that represent Wipro’s views online, be sure to identify yourself clearly as such.

Discrimination & Harassment

Wipro does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, religion, age, caste status, sexuality and any other personal characteristic. Employees must be familiar with and abide by Wipro’s policies regarding discrimination and harassment as well as any actions which might create conflicts of interests.

The company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics establishes policies which all employees and third parties must abide by in order to achieve high customer satisfaction levels, business success, and sustainable growth. Employees should refrain from engaging in activities such as industrial espionage or commercial bribery and must not support boycotts of any kind without immediately informing their manager or legal department of such initiatives.

The company provides its employees with wellness initiatives and an employee portal designed to manage stress related issues, along with a hotline to encourage them to seek assistance when necessary. Furthermore, Mitr – meaning friend in Hindi – is supported as part of this initiative, comprised of 28 volunteer employees who counsel other coworkers about any stresses related issues.


Employees are strongly encouraged to raise any queries and voice any concerns openly and honestly with their supervisor. Any information or allegation not proven as true/fact will not be taken further, although employees must take great care when communicating this way in order to avoid defamation or any negative effects for anyone else involved.

Wipro prohibits discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination and retirement on the basis of ethnic and national origin, race, caste religion disability sex political orientation. Furthermore, it insists that its suppliers do not engage in forced or compulsory labour practices.

Parisi asserted that his employment with Wipro was terminated as a reprisal for reporting him to Ombuds. Additionally, Parisi claimed Wipro breached their contract with him, the terms and conditions for participation in Ombuds, and an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing implied into and associated with their employer-employee relationship – all claims which the Court found no merit in.

Intellectual Property

Issues surrounding workers selling their skills is currently an active debate, with some companies warning employees not to sell them and others increasing monitoring of employees who do so. Others take a more relaxed stance by saying young people may simply be trying to supplement their incomes while supplementing education expenses; nonetheless, this issue has raised serious concerns over intellectual property protection.

Wipro has adopted several policies concerning its intellectual property. They prohibit disclosing confidential information to unauthorized individuals or organizations – this could include information related to products, competitors, suppliers or customers of Wipro – while prohibiting any discussions or agreements which could be construed as price fixing; violations of competition laws could incur fines and other penalties.

Wipro employees must not disclose information protected by confidentiality agreements, while its Legal Department reviews any third-party material offered for disclosure (oral presentations, written documents, customer lists or employee names) before it can be revealed publicly. When necessary, nondisclosure agreements can also be put in place when required.


Wipro is committed to safeguarding sensitive business and personal data that falls within its purview, such as client records, customer confidential data, employee related data, strategies, administration and research related to Wipro. Such data may be stored on paper documents, email messages, CDs, hard disks, memory sticks or any other digital format.

Importantly, any confidential information obtained during your employment with us must not be divulged or used against us by competitors, potential employers, or for personal gain. You should avoid discussing sales prices, market shares or other competitive matters with them either directly or indirectly.

Wipro expects all employees to make employment-related judgments solely based on performance and abilities, without taking any unrelated considerations into account. Wipro will not tolerate any behavior which puts our people in harm’s way or creates an intimidating, offensive or abusive work environment – therefore it is imperative that any concerns regarding working conditions or conduct are communicated immediately to your manager.

Conflict of Interest

Wipro encourages employees with any potential or perceived conflicts of interests to notify the company immediately and disclose their situation, so that Wipro may consider appropriate steps such as divesting or liquidating an interest, recusing themselves from relevant decision making processes, restricting access to certain information and shifting duties accordingly.

Employees should avoid discussing pricing policy, contract terms, costs, inventories, marketing and product plans and any other proprietary and confidential information with competitors as this can violate unfair competition laws. Furthermore, employees should refuse any gifts or entertainment from anyone that might influence them in performing their job effectively.

Wipro strictly forbids all forms of child labor. Understanding that it may not be possible to completely eradicate child labour through rules or inspections alone, the company actively works to ensure its suppliers do not employ children either. Wipro encourages its employees to volunteer their services in communities where it operates.

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